KitKat Ruby Easter Egg?! My top 10 Easter Eggs, 2019

So it’s the time of year where, whenever I’m a supermarket, I spend so long staring longingly at Easter eggs that it becomes weird for everyone. The reason for this being that every year I decide to metaphorically slap myself around the face by giving up chocolate and sweets for Lent (the period of time … More KitKat Ruby Easter Egg?! My top 10 Easter Eggs, 2019

Lost feelings

Being straight, I’d be lying if I said 2019 hasn’t already kicked me in my metaphorical balls more times than any other year. But you know what? I’m doing okay. Okay, I’m lying, actually currently in bits emotionally: we lost little Wilfred, our wonderful cat, Thursday 7th March and he was such a big part … More Lost feelings

January treats

Hiii, I’ve tried a few new sugary treats in the 4 weekends we’ve had in January (and that one Thursday night I wasn’t feel very jazzy and wanted ice cream hehe). So let’s kick this off with: Millie’s Cookies Whilst having had a giant Millie’s Cookie every birthday since I turned 17 (and now on … More January treats

Christmas drinks 2018

HI!  So as someone who has/does struggle with solid foods and can’t join in with the Christmas sandwiches etc. hype in cafes, Christmas drinks are my forte. Although I don’t really drink lattes as much, festive hot chocs have always been there for me to (metaphorically, I wish literally) dive into at this time of … More Christmas drinks 2018